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ESG 2023 Research Papers Sought


Full Press Release:


Fourth Annual Research Competition

Call for Student Research Papers on Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG Investing in Fixed Income and Sustainable Finance


The Fixed Income Analysts Society (FIASI) in collaboration with Fordham University’s Center for Research in Contemporary Finance and the O’Shea Center for Credit Analysis and Investment are inviting research applications for the 4th Annual FIASI-Gabelli School Student Research Competition on environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused investing and innovations in sustainable finance. This co-branded competition invites undergraduate and post-graduate students to submit their ongoing original research on the topic of sustainable finance in fixed income or related markets1. Although the primary focus of this competition is to encourage student research on sustainable finance and ESG in the fixed income markets, research papers in related markets but still relevant for fixed income will also be accepted. The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of environmental, social and governance-based principles of investing in the fixed income markets as a research area, address challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of ESG in fixed income, promote the further development of sustainable finance in the design of fixed income investments as well as corporate innovations, and to gain more visibility for and encourage conversations among students, academics, as well as practitioners.

In addition to recognizing a winning submission, the competition may also recognize one or more runner up entries. In both cases, distinctions will be made between undergraduate and post-graduate submissions. Winning and runner up research papers will be eligible to receive monetary award grants of up to $5,000 and recognition at the full day FIASI Sustainable Finance in Fixed Income conference scheduled to be held on or about May 1, 2024 in NYC. Payments will be made directly to the recipients. These grants do not in any way preclude subsequent publication of the research in the journals of the recipients’ choice. The recipients should agree to acknowledge this grant in all publications and presentations, and to present the research at a mutually convenient date following the FIASI conference. For reference, our 3rd Annual Research Competition fielded seventeen research papers. There were two competition winners, and two runner ups last April, each receiving a monetary award. Also, the first prize winners presented their research papers at a virtual event hosted jointly by FIASI as well as Fordham and attended by students, academics as well as industry practitioners. For additional information, see https://www.fiasi.org.

In addition to schools with business programs and other sustainable finance-oriented programs throughout the US, the 4th Annual Research Competition is being expanded to include submissions by students pursuing PhD. programs in schools located outside the US. US and non-US doctoral students are welcome to submit their research for the competition. Examples of student submissions include PhD. dissertations, Masters theses, Honors program theses, or any similar research. Research papers co-authored between students and faculty are also welcome. Submissions from undergraduate and post-graduate students will be evaluated in separated pools and awards will be chosen independently from these pools.

All submissions should consist of the following:

  • A cover page with title, names of authors, e-mail addresses and affiliation, including any past or present corporate affiliations;
  • An abstract of up to 150 words;
  • A research paper; and
  • A copy of (each) researcher’s resume.

A review committee will select the winners from the submitted research papers. In making its selections, the committee will seek input from colleagues at FIASI, the Gabelli School of Business finance area as well as other fixed income practitioners. The review committee will consist of members drawn from the academic community, the fixed income industry as well as past competition winners.

Research papers will be judged based on the originality and relevance of the research question as well as the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research methodology.

Applicants should submit their proposals to Ms. Joanna Kondratowicz at by February 29, 2024. Decisions will be made on or prior to May 1, 2024.

The competition is co-funded by the Fixed Income Analysts Society and Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.

Additional questions or inquiries should be directed to Lauren Nauser, Executive Director, FIASI at .


1 Submissions from both full-time and part-time students will be accepted. The research should reflect the student’s own analysis and should contain a disclaimer that the research is not in any connected to or derives from a previous or current employer.

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