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ESG 2023 Research Papers Sought


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Fourth Annual Research Competition

Call for Student Research Papers on Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG Investing in Fixed Income and Sustainable Finance


The Fixed Income Analysts Society (FIASI) in collaboration with Fordham University’s Center for Research in Contemporary Finance and the O’Shea Center for Credit Analysis and Investment are inviting research applications for the 4th Annual FIASI-Gabelli School Student Research Competition on environmental, social and governance (ESG) focused investing and innovations in sustainable finance. This co-branded competition invites undergraduate and post-graduate students to submit their ongoing original research on the topic of sustainable finance in fixed income or related markets1. Although the primary focus of this competition is to encourage student research on sustainable finance and ESG in the fixed income markets, research papers in related markets but still relevant for fixed income will also be accepted. The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of environmental, social and governance-based principles of investing in the fixed income markets as a research area, address challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of ESG in fixed income, promote the further development of sustainable finance in the design of fixed income investments as well as corporate innovations, and to gain more visibility for and encourage conversations among students, academics, as well as practitioners.

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Credit Outlook in a Volatile Rate Environment

Expectations for 6 rate cuts in 2024 could add to market turbulence if the Federal Reserve moves slower than the market anticipates. Bloomberg Intelligence's credit team will walk through key implications for sectors, key issuers, and how that impacts relative value views.

Join us virtually to hear the Bloomberg Intelligence Analysts speak about their specialities.

Intro & Conclusion: Joel Levington, CMA



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Fee: Free to all

When: March 7, 2024 at 3pm Est to 4:30pm Est


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