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sean_j_eganPresident of Egan-Jones Ratings Co.

Sean Egan is a founding partner and president of Egan-Jones Ratings Company which was organized for the purpose of providing timely accurate credit ratings. Unlike most other rating firms, Egan-Jones is not paid by issuers and has no conflicts of interest; EJR's only clients are institutional investors and it does not know clients' positions. Egan-Jones is known for providing early warning on AIG, Ambac, Bear Stearns, CIT, CitiGroup, Countrywide, E-trade, California utilities, Collins & Aikman, Delphi, Enron, Ford, GM, Genuity, Global Crossing, IndyMac, Lehman, MBIA, MGIC (and other monolines), Morgan Stanley, New Century, Pilgrim's Pride, Wachovia, WaMu, WorldCom and many other credit problems well in advance of the majority of market participants.

Mr. Egan was identified in 2008 by Fortune magazine as the number one person for providing warning about the credit crisis. Please see: www.egan-jones.com.

8 who saw the crisis coming... One year after the credit crunch began, Fortune looks back at who saw trouble ahead, and who just ended up in trouble.

Number 1: Sean Egan

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Event Name Opportunities and Risk in the Coming Double Dip
Event Date 2011-10-12

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