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A message from The Strategic Planning Committee of the FIASI Board:

We hope you are doing well as we enter what seems to be a new worrisome phase of the COVID pandemic. As we’ve been managing through this crisis during these many months, one of the most difficult challenges has been the inability to have face-to-face/in-person interactions with work colleagues and FIASI Members. We’ve all had to adapt and FIASI is no different in this respect. I'm pleased to report that FIASI's financial condition remains sound and will allow us to adapt as needed. FIASI’s Board would like to update you and also ask for your support and assistance with some new initiatives.

FIASI hosted a brief virtual meeting on Thursday, November 19th, at 5pm EST and filled those who attended in on the status of the Hall of Fame, some future programming events and our strategic plan initiative.

In line with our deliberations around the FIASI strategic plan and our conclusions that FIASI needs to step up its programing, expand membership and diversify its sources of income to ensure the organization's sustainability, the Board has made a decision to implement a new committee structure involving both Board Members and our Membership (you!) in order to better facilitate activities and meet our objectives. Our strategic planning committee believes this new structure will provide more avenues for member participation and additional reasons to join FIASI. Furthermore, FIASI is expecting that successful committee participation by its Members will serve as an effective way to groom them for eventual Board level participation. To start we have identified three committees for which we want Member participation.

  • Membership
  • Programming
  • Marketing

The Board and our Members will work side-by-side on these committees to ensure that FIASI meets its long-term objectives by: 1) serving and growing FIASI's membership, 2) supporting and enhancing our programming with relevant targeted content, including the Hall of Fame, ESG, WIFI and other future events, and 3) leveraging marketing and outreach efforts, including social media in a smart, effective way in this evolving world in which we live and work. We believe our future is bright and we invite you to be part of FIASI’s future by participating in these efforts with us.

We hope you joined us but if not, watch the video by clicking the link below.


The Strategic Planning Committee

  • Larry White, FIASI President
  • Monica Aggarwal, FIASI, Vice-Presiden
  • Mark Howard, FIASI, Secretary
  • Henry Shilling
  • Diane Vazza
Event Date 2020-11-19

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