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Lim Chow KiatMany who attended the 2019 Hall of Fame gala had the privilege to visit with 2012 inductee Lim Chow Kiat. As CEO of Singapore’s GIC, his words and actions are closely followed by market participants around the globe. He has kindly offered to have the following comments and a link to a recent speech shared with FIASI members.


Lim Chow Kiat, CEO of GIC, delivered opening remarks at the GIC Insights on 19 September 2019. Insights is GIC’s annual thought leadership event which gathers a select group of prominent global business leaders each year to deliberate over long-term issues pertinent to the international business and investment community.

In his speech, Chow Kiat highlighted that the world is at a turning point due to 3 developments: Income inequality, very low asset yields and pervasive impacts of technology. Given these developments, investors need to move forward carefully.  In GIC,  we have 3 guideposts: Know thyself; Long-term focus and Building capabilities & partnerships. 

Link to full speech: https://www.gic.com.sg/news-and-resources/gic-insights-2019-opening-remarks-by-gic-ceo-lim-chow-kiat/


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