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Gregg Lemos Stein 1GREGG LEMOS-STEIN, CFA is a Managing Director and Chief Analytical Officer for Corporate Ratings at S&P Global Ratings. He is also head of Analytics & Research for the global ratings practices. In these roles, he is responsible for analytical excellence and ratings consistency, the quality and timeliness of credit publications, and the creation and coordination of cross-sector and thematic research.

Gregg joined S&P Global Ratings in 2002 and has had a wide range of analytical and managerial roles in New York and London. Prior to his current position, Gregg was head of Analytics & Research for Corporate Ratings. He was previously Analytical Manager for the EMEA real estate sector and also led a team of analysts covering a diversified group of sectors in Israel. Prior to that, he was analytical manager for the U.S. Telecommunications and Cable ratings team. He was a senior analyst in the U.S. autos and auto suppliers team from 2006 to 2010.

Before joining S&P Global Ratings, Gregg worked for The Dreyfus Corporation and its parent Mellon Financial Corp. Gregg was also a business reporter for The Associated Press for several years.

Gregg holds a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University in New York and a bachelor of arts from The University of Chicago. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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