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Hall of Fame

In 1995, the Fixed Income Analysts Society established a Hall of Fame to recognize the lifetime achievements of outstanding practitioners in the advancement of the analysis of fixed-income securities and portfolios. Inductees will have made major contributions to the advancement of fixed-income analysis and portfolio management. These contributions may be academic, business-related or FIASI-related. The Board of Directors determines the annual inductees.

Martin L. Leibowitz, PhD was selected as the first inductee for his work facilitating the development of mortgage- backed securities, fixed-income indices, zero coupon bonds, portfolio dedication and immunization and bond portfolio measurement tools. Over the past 19 years, 44 members have joined the FIASI Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Members
Michael R. Bloomberg (2015)
Curtis Arledge (2014)
Joyce Chang (2014)
Harry Markowitz (2014)
James Grant (2013)
Rick Rieder (2013)
Bob Auwaerter (2012)
Lim Chow Kiat (2012)
Glenn Reynolds (2012)
Mohamed A. El-Erian (2011)
John D. Finnerty (2011)
Robert Levine (2010)
Bob Litterman (2010)
Kitty Yoh (2010)
Keith Anderson (2009)
Laurie Goodman (2009)
John C. Hull (2009)
Margaret Cannella (2007)
Kenneth Leech (2007)
Robert Merton (2007)
Angelo R. Mozilo (2006)
Laurence D. Fink (2005)
Patricia Cook (2004)
Robert Jarrow (2004)
Dexter Senft (2004)
Jack Malvey (2003)
Leo O'Neill (2003)
Frank Fabozzi (2002)
Abner Goldstine (2002)
Oldrich Vasicek (2002)
Edward Altman (2001)
Lewis Ranieri (2001)
Eunice Reich-Berman (2001)
Martin Fridson (2000)
Daniel Fuss (2000)
Harold Goldberg (2000)
John Bogle (1999)
Richard Wilson (1999)
Russell H. Fraser (1998)
Wayne Lyski (1998)
Sidney Homer (1997)
Andrew Kalotay (1997)
Henry Kaufman (1997)
Fischer Black (1996)
William Gross (1996)
Martin Leibowitz (1995)