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HENRY SHILLING is a Senior Vice President with Moody's Investors Service. With Moody's since 1992, Henry is a member of the New York-based Global Managed Investments Group. He has responsibility for research, analysis and ratings of money market and bond mutual funds, various other pooled investment vehicles, pension funds, debt like instruments issued by closed-end funds as well as asset (fund) management companies. Earlier in his career he was a vice president with a firm specializing in tracking and evaluating the performance of mutual funds and an officer in the employee-benefit trust and asset management divisions of several large banks. Henry is the author of The International Guide to Securities Market Indices which was published in 1996 by International Publishing Corp., Chicago, Illinois. Also, a chapter entitled "Investing in Index Mutual Funds," which he authored, appears in Frank Fabozzi's Information Management Network's Perspectives on Equity Indexing: Updated and Expanded Second Edition. He earned a B.A. in economics from Lehman College, City University of New York in 1971.

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Moody's Credit Outlook report is available here. Published Monday and Thursday mornings, Moody's Credit Outlook provides you with the credit implications of current events.