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Recent Events

Below is a list of recent Speaker Series events. Note: you must be a member in good standing and logged into the site in order to download archived presentation materials.

Speaker: Professor Edward I. Altman

Event Date 2017-03-15

An important debate regarding new bond redemption language was stimulated by former FIASI Vice President Adam Cohen. If you are interested in the topic of bondholder rights, please see the report in our member’s section (click here) or come hear him speak about this important topic on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

Event Date 2017-02-16

Presented by Martin Fridson

Event Date 2017-01-25
Event Date 2016-11-15
Event Date 2016-11-03

In conjunction with Fordham University's Wall Street Council, FIASI hosted Robert Rubin.

Event Date 2016-10-17
Event Date 2016-09-28



Event Date 2016-06-29

Extreme volatility in the global markets. The FOMC raising US policy rates even as peers push their rates sub-zero. Corporate cash holdings at near record levels. Large banks shedding deposits. All of these, plus regulatory reforms forcing unprecedented change on the $2.4 trillion money market fund complex by October.

Who said the money markets were boring?

Presented by: Alex Roever, CFA of JP Morgan


Event Date 2016-05-12

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U.S. Money Markets Update and Outlook (pdf)

U.S. Money Markets Update and Outlook (pptx)

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Event Date 2016-03-03
  • Brian Oak, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Mariarosa Verde, Vice President-Senior Credit Officer, Moody’s Investors Service
  • Steve Wood, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Moody’s Investors Service


Event Date 2016-02-04

Event Date 2015-10-29

Hosted by Bloomberg Intelligence

Event Date 2015-10-22

Professor Edward I. Altman

Event Date 2015-09-29

Mr. Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income, OppenheimerFunds

Event Date 2015-09-14

Stefano Pasquali of Bloomberg

Event Date 2015-05-26

William Morokoff from Standard & Poor's

Event Date 2015-05-12

Richie Prager, MD, Head of Trading & Liquidity Strategies

Kashif Riaz, MD, Trading & Liquidity Strategies

Event Date 2015-02-12

View the BlackRock Whitepaper.

James Grant
Editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer

Event Date 2015-01-11
Event Date 2014-11-30

  • Harry Mateer, Barclays Credit Research, U.S. Investment Grade Energy, Pipelines, and Metals & Mining
  • Ryan Preclaw, CFA, Barclays Director Credit Strategy, 
  • Y. C. Koh, Barclays, Vice President and and Senior Fixed Income Research Analyst covering US High Grade Electric Utilities Sector
Event Date 2014-01-10

Eric Green, Global Head Rates, FX and Commodities Research TD Securities

Event Date 2014-09-17

Event Date 2014-06-10

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Moody's Credit Outlook

Moody's Credit Outlook report is available here. Published Monday and Thursday mornings, Moody's Credit Outlook provides you with the credit implications of current events.